Our soda range

Cola Pear & Lime

Clean living cola. A better for you cola with no caffeine and no phosphoric acid. A twist on the original with a daring blend of pear and Kola nut with a cheeky dash of lime. Pairs well with comfort foods - burgers, tacos and American BBQs.

Lemon Squash

Award winning lemon. A lemon squash with a dash of lime for thirst quenching refreshment and superb dry finish. Will be your bestie on a hot day. Pairs well with seafood, chicken and pork dishes. 

Ginger Beer

More ginger less sugar. A new take on the traditional ginger beer styles, has more ginger flavours coming to the fore rather than the usual big sugar hit. Blended with a dash of lemon for extra zing.

Raspberry & Vanilla

Berry sensation. A perfect blend of raspberry sweetness with smooth vanilla finish. Let your taste buds dreamily float away on creamy clouds of raspberry and vanilla. Perfect for any occasion, like the label the flavour really stands out.

Lime & Pineapple

The taste of childhood. Pine Lime reinvented. A fabulous tropical splicing of lime tartness and pineapple sweetness with a creamy finish, for the greatest summer refreshment. Will be the life of the party.

Pink Grapefruit & Ginger

Inspired by an Aussie craft Pale Ale. Unlike any soda you have ever tried. Dive into a refreshment bliss of pink grapefruit bitterness and ginger root spice. Superbly tempered by a whisper of passionfruit, this is our take on a galaxy hopped Pacific Ale without the hangover. Like a good Pale Ale can be enjoyed on any occasion.



Our ingredient list doesn't contain anything artificial. Just sparkling water, organic fruit juices (mostly 5%), organic sugar, citric acid, natural flavours, malt, and yeast.

The only thing that changes between variants is the type of organic juices. And depending on variant there will also be organic ginger (0.1%) or kola nut added.

Note that our products contain gluten (a small amount of malted barley from the brewing process)



Quantity per serve   330mL
Servings per pack    1   
Nutrient                Qty per 100g    Qty per serve
Energy (kJ)             103                  340
Protein (g)              0.1                   0.3
Fat, Total (g)           <0.1               <0.1
Fat, Saturated (g)   <0.1              <0.1
Carbohydrate (g)     5.4                 17.8
Sugars (g)               5.4                  17.8
Sodium (mg)            2                     7



Best before 18 months from date of production. Store cool and away from sunlight.  Obviously the fresher the better, ideally use before 8 -12 months or less