Melbourne Craft Soda


We use old school techniques to bring you a new age delicious Soda.

Why choose our craft Sodas

  • Somersault are natural Sodas without the sweeteners that have names you can’t pronounce!
  • They are tastier because we brew the Soda to get the flavours at their peak.
  • We have crafted interesting and unique flavours that pack more than one punch.

What is a craft brewed Soda?

Step 1    Only the best ingredients

  • Organic sugar
  • Crushed organic fruit juice
  • Yeast to naturally lower sugar content 

Step 2     Slow brew the sodas for several days
Step 3     This part is up to you - enjoy!

Grab a bottle from one of our fab stockists. Give it a gentle roll to mix the fruit flavours, then enjoy!