About Us

Slow brewed Organic Soda.

Somersault into refreshingly sophisticated flavour.

Our sodas are lovingly hand crafted by our master craft brewer Neil who has over 30 years’ experience creating superb & sublime flavour combinations. 

Slow brewing over several days naturally builds body and flavour.  Being naturally less sweet allows the beautiful real organic fruit flavours to shine through.

Our view is that soft drinks needs to taste as good as they can be, as well as being less bad for you.  That's why our sodas are organic and we don't add anything artificial or any high intensity sweeteners to them, they're as close to nature as possible.

With less than 50% sugar, Somersault sodas are also ideally suited to be the perfect mixer for your favourite gin or whisky.

And because our sodas are brewed, and bottled in brown glass, they have a long shelf life.

Oh, and did we mention our label designs have won awards?  We wanted to stand out from the rest.

All up, they're the best we can do.  We think they're great.  Hope you do too.

Give your taste buds a hug with our delightful flavour combinations.

Lime & Pineapple - be taken back to summer holidays with a fabulous Splice reinvention.

Pink Grapefruit & Ginger - engineered like a craft beer with refreshing bitterness balanced by fruity aroma

Raspberry & Vanilla -  float away on dreamy burst of upfront raspberry and clouds of vanilla on the back palate

Cola Pear & Lime - clean living:  no caffeine or phosphoric acid.  Made soft and billowy by juicy pear, then offset by crisp, clean lime

Ginger Beer - a mountain of heat packed into thirst slacking refreshment

Lemon Squash - a superbly balanced honest and straight up lemony lemon squash