About Us



NO Sweeteners and Preservatives
REAL Juice
100% Natural 
Somersault is the brainchild of three Melbourne lads and we came together because of our beliefs for a healthier lifestyle for our families. We wanted to reduce the level of sugar in our diet without being fanatical and substituting it for weird sweeteners. You would never bake a cake at home with stevia (liquorice flavour no thanks), or the industrial sweeteners xylitol or erythritol. When looking for a ZERO sweetener Soda with 50% less sugar they didn’t exist, so Somersault Soda was born and when you try it your taste buds will be thankful. 
Our sodas are one of a kind and people often ask how we manage to reduce the sugar by 50% without sweeteners. Well we had to get back to nature and develop techniques our ancestors have been using for 1000’s of years to brew the organic sugar content down and enhance the natural fruit flavours. Isn’t Mother Nature a beautiful thing!
After we brew our Sodas for several days we add REAL organic juices. So organic pear juice and organic Kola nut in our Cola and pear flavour. We definitely don’t add any nasties like Phosphoric acid. All our Sodas are then packaged in brown bottles because reducing sunlight naturally preserves the Sodas. Simple way of keeping the deliciousness in the bottle without adding preservative 202 (whatever that is)
So thanks for your time and always remember a bottle of Somersault is like a party for your taste buds without the usual hangover for your body!
Cheers to a happier and healthier lifestyle.